Presentation of the “Weddings in Opatija” project

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We presented the “Weddings in Opatija” project in the very heart of Opatija, against the beautiful backdrop of the Juraj Šporer Artistic Pavilion,. The event was opened by musician Saša Lozar with the “Opatijo bajna” serenade to the delight of many prominent guests.

Numerous historical themes, sights and beautiful architecture inspired us to create the “Weddings in Opatija” project and to present Opatija as the perfect wedding destination. This project is aimed at foreigners and all couples living outside Opatija who want to choose this romantic city as the backdrop of their wedding story.

The story of weddings in Opatija is a story about a romantic destination which, with its rich history and architectural beauty, is carved deep into the memory. This can be seen by the magnificent villas and hotels as well as the most beautiful parks with their abundance of fragrant flowers and lush greenery. Opatija was created by imperial and royal dignitaries, the upper classes, artists and intellectuals from all around Europe who found beauty and peace at the foot of the Učka slopes, within the rich luxury of Mediterranean vegetation. To the mix of an esoteric fragrance and an intoxicating sea scent the favourable the mild climate was also added. That beauty created for decades continues to relax the human today filling him with energy, so that anyone who has experienced this blessing will wish to return to it.

With carefully defined stories, we would like to show our future newlyweds and their guests all the beauty and grandeur of Opatija in a completely original way. There are numerous themes, from Opatija’s rich history, the famous people who visited Opatija and became acquainted with the charms of love in this romantic town of impressive architecture, as well as the beautiful parks and promenades… We have revived a spirit of the past in the interesting stories about Angiolina, Isadora, Camelia, Laurel, Argonauts, Sissi, Al Mare, Lungomare and in many other inspirational themes in which Opatija abounds. If the newlyweds choose one of the aforementioned themes for their wedding, we will design a completely original script and protocol for them, thus creating the perfect wedding story, while surprising guests with an excursion, an event or sightseeing in Opatija in accordance with the wedding’s light motive.

Opatija is like a work of art so we have included artists with a theme of love and marriage. For promotion we presented artist, Saša Jantolek and his cheerful couples walking along the promenade and looking through the open shutters whilst the artist Margareta Krstić excites visitors with her “Brides through time” sculptures that mark the different epochs in wedding fashion.

Through this original concept we wanted to emphasise Opatija’s potential and will present this project to numerous international fairs.

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