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We can keep in motion the whole round of steps in completing your wedding, from looking for the ceremony location to the reception place. We will be even glad to accept a formation of one small detail for bride as it will be her graceful bouquet. It goes without saying that a chat with us will not make you liable to use our services as well as it will not rise your wedding costs.

Wedding planning

The wedding planner is a logistical support to the newlyweds from the very beginning of planning, giving recommendations and arranging with the performers until the wedding day where their vision will see the light of day. This is a person with whom wedding planning runs smoothly, solving any problems that come your way in planning. The wedding planner will take care not to exceed the set budget. It is a skill that many can learn, but only the best wedding planners have years of experience and complex knowledge and that puts them above the rest.

Noi due as a wedding planner in Opatija and Kvarner also provides wedding design or styling services and offers creative ideas. Some planners do not offer a design which means you will need to hire two professionals for your wedding – a planner and a designer.

Wedding coordination

The wedding coordinator is the person who will help you on your most beautiful day. It will relieve you of many stresses that you would unnecessarily go through. He is logistically oriented, but in a shorter time frame than the planner. It does not participate in the earlier stages of budget planning or monitoring. Part of his job is to coordinate with everyone involved and make sure everything goes as planned and agreed and to eliminate all possible difficulties. It is a person of improvisational abilities who is able to solve something missed or misplaced. Just hire him about a month before the wedding If you have a wedding planner, he is your coordinator. On the wedding day itself, the coordinator becomes the most important person for the newlyweds because he supervises everything on the wedding day, checks and coordinates all vendors, leads the complete ceremony and reception, solves all unforeseen situations.

Hire a wedding coordinator if you want to have an active role in wedding planning, but you would like someone to take care of the details and make sure you don’t forget something, you are extremely organized and detail oriented.

Choosing a wedding location

Choosing the right location is a key element in organizing the wedding. It may happen you are not sure what the way your wedding will look like exactly. Maybe you are not apprized on many wonderful locations that the areas of either Opatija and Kvarner Bay are offering. Even if you think of some location, it may happen you will not have enough time to give yourself up to propel the wedding ceremony organization. Thanks to many years of experience in organizing the weddings, we can help you in finding an ideal location for it.

We can provide you with a wide range of downright wedding menus of some forty restaurants, hotels, villas, stancias and castles in Opatija and Kvarner Bay, as well as with detailed informations on the conditions and a visual presentation of one by one location.

Wedding design and decorations

The wedding designer will take care of the wedding styling. He gives you creative solutions to what you have imagined. A wedding designer’s role is purely aesthetic. The designer will give your ceremony an elegant, sophisticated look, a pleasant atmosphere that will contribute to the mood of your guests. The wedding designer:
• creates the wedding’s design concept,
• creates detailed floor plans,
• provides color palette guidance, choice of flowers and arrangements,
• proposes and arranges table arrangements, lighting, furniture, laundry, wedding paper stationery and everything that can make your event more enjoyable. The designer has an artistic eye that allows him to visualize the whole event and transform the space of the ceremony.

Take the wedding designer if:
• wedding decoration is an important element for you,
• you lack creative ideas,
• you have a themed wedding,
• you have a destination wedding,
• you have thousands of ideas and you cannot decide or you can’t narrow them down…

if you need only

Separate services

Video and photo

Unforgettable and indelible photos and videos made by a documentary – reportage or traditional – classic approach to wedding photography and filming. Leave photography and videography over to professional ones.

Graphic stationery

Wedding invitations, thank you cards, menus, place cards, seating plan, signposts, confetti cards, protocol booklets….. Think of everything to be in a single one style when making your choice of wedding graphic stationery.We design personalized graphic stationery for you.

Wedding rings

As area representative of the goldsmith’s trade „Zlatarna Koci“ from Zagreb, we seize the opportunity to offer you a large selection of wedding and engagement rings.

Personalized dance floor

The dance floor is one of the most important places at a wedding, starting from the first dance of the newlyweds to special dances with the bride’s father and the groom’s mother.

And in addition to it, do not forget the dance party for all the guests. Personalized dance flor can be fitted perfectly into the overall wedding decor and it will bring the photos to a magical end. We have in our offer also the possibility of creating different types of personalized dance floors and thus contribute your wedding to be even more special.

stolice za vjenčanja

Chairs and chair covers

In addition to wedding covers, we also offer designer chairs for weddings. When it comes to designing seating or looking for the perfect chair that will complement your table decorations and wedding theme, we have many wedding chairs available.

Ambiental light

Ambiental light is an important element of space decorating. When it is well coordinated with all other elements of decoration than it falls into visual experience on the whole. We lay emphasis upon beautiful details and we turn every space into a magical story by using it. Suffice it to say of how unimaginably it would be to hold invited persons and guests in easygoing and high spirits without ambient lighting.


Recommendation of a wide selection of various musical genres and styles, going from pop, rock, jazz, country to classic ones, as well as of broad spectrum of performers like the bands, vocal crowds called klape, players on tamburitza instrument, soloists and DJs.

Wedding cakes

You can have our offer for excellent and beautifull wedding cakes and desserts,too.

Wedding bouquets

Flowers have been part of wedding ceremonies for a long time. The wedding bouquet is a symbol of life, love and luxury of nature.
It is an expression of your personality. Due to our high mastery and plentiful experience in creating bouquets we dare to ascertain that your wishes and requirements will be met.


We place at your disposal also the pick and choice of fireworks, fountains and other set-designing elements.

Fidelio clothing

Although a well known proverb says that clothing does not make a man, it anyway gives rise to the first impression that is most often a crucial one. Therefore, we recommend the Fidelio brand, a niché brand of suits, shirts and tailor-made shoes all handmade in the highest quality materials.

Confetti and gifts

The sweeping selection of confettis and sugar-coated almonds, buttonieres and corsages, all in accordance with the wedding style and graphic stationery.

Wedding on ship

There is a selection of renting the ships, the vessels, the boats or even the speedboats for either the whole day through or only for a short ride.


Opatija has an exceptional history and so interesting stories to be told in detail. If you decide to begin the first days of your together life in twos right sojourning in Opatija, this destination will surely delight you by its beauty.


Rent either an oldtimer or luxury car.