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More then 25 years we follow world trends in fashion and design and willingly introduce the complete beauty of Croatian sceneries to domestic and foreign couples. Villas, beach and ballrooms are hidden oases of beauty that become stunning scenery of the most beautiful story told – your story. Elicit enthusiasm in you and your guests from the beginning of the wedding fulfil your fantasies – that is our philosophy of wedding.

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Weddings in Opatija

The choice of location for the wedding and celebration is a very important segment because the place of reception gives a special scenery for the festivity and it will definitely have an influence on the success of your lovely event. This is the reason why we suggest Opatija, a place famous for its romance, beautiful architecture, parks and rich history. Opatija offers you the option of choosing different locations for your wedding. It’s just up to you to find yourself at one of them and take with you unforgettable romantic memories.


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And we will work to fulfill your fantasies and create excitement and enthusiasm for you and your guests.


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In our short texts we present future bride and groom trends in fashion and wedding design, give tips that could be useful when organizing a wedding and gladly introduce domestic and foreign couples to the overall beauty of Croatian landscapes, and maybe inspire some of you to easily choose a wedding location.

Elopement weddings
Elopement weddings

Elopement weddings are ideal for couples who want to escape from the traditional customs and obligations that are an integral part of classic weddings. They can be organized as a civil one, in which...

Satisfied clients


"Nadmašili ste naša očekivanja"

Draga Željka, dragi Arsene, dragi Noi due tim! Hvala što ste nas pratili u organizaciji i na danu našeg vjenčanja. Bili ste nam savjetnici i prijatelji. Hvala što ste ostvarili sve naše dekoracijske snove. Nadmašili ste naša očekivanja! Želimo vam sve najbolje!

Martina & Michael

"Everything was perfect"

Dear Arsen, thank you for most beautiful day in our life. Thanks for your organization, everything was perfect! Thank you very much!

Kathrin & Marc


"Naše najljepše iskustvo"

Hvala vam puno što ste bili dio našeg vjenčanja i što ste učinili sve da to bude naše najljepše iskustvo. Hvala od srca!

Lori & Peter