Wedding design and decorations

A wedding is the most special day in the life of any couple and no matter whether it is big or small; it is an intimate ceremony of two people. That is the place and time you want to share something you both value with your loved ones.

You want your wedding to be well-organised, aesthetically perfect with pleasant company, so during the preparation you need to give the best part of yourself and of your own particular style.

The key to a well-designed wedding is mainly a wish for a more original and differently designed wedding ceremony, but only in as far as everything being in line with the feelings of the happy couple with regard to comfort and decorations.

It is up to us to help our clients express the meaning of what they believe to be the most important concepts for them and get them both on the same page with the successful design of their wedding. In the initial conversations with the bride and groom we want to get an idea of how they see their wedding ceremony and on that basis create a concept which we then need to turn into reality and enable the newlyweds to show their personality to their guests. Something that is sure to create unforgettable emotions and long lasting memories for them.

A great part of that process is related to determining and shaping the desired atmosphere and creating a back drop. This can be elegant but also full of glitter and energy. The atmosphere can be shaped, just as a sculptor shapes his work, with the difference being that we do it using colours, textures and lights.

One of the most exciting moments of every decorator, and ours too, is the arrival of the guests. That is the moment of the truth. Initial reactions are always honest and often standing close to the entrance itself we have butterflies in our stomachs as we watch the guests’ first impressions.

Our greatest happiness is when we sense the honest enthusiasm and excitement of those around us. This is the greatest acknowledgment and reward for the time and effort given and is also of particular importance for us.

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