Wedding coordination

The wedding coordinator is the person who will help you on your most beautiful day. You will be relieved of any stress and will be free to enjoy your wedding day. He is logistically focused, but at a shorter time than a wedding planner. He will not be involved in an earlier planning or budget tracking phases. A part of his job is to coordinate with everyone involved and to make sure that everything goes as planned and agreed and removes all the possible difficulties. It is a person of improvisation ability that is able to solve something missed or misplaced. It’s enough to hire him about a month before the wedding. If you have a wedding planner, it is your coordinator.

On the wedding day itself, the coordinator becomes the most important person for the newlyweds because he supervises everything on the wedding day, checks and coordinates all vendors, leads the complete ceremony and reception, solves all unforeseen situations.

Hire a wedding coordinator if you want to have an active role in wedding planning, but you would like someone to take care of the details and make sure you don’t forget something, you are extremely organized and detail oriented.

We will draw up a protocol and create a schedule of the wedding and coordinate and implement it on your special day. Thanks to the perfectly coordinated work of all contractors and service providers, we will male sure that every conceivable detail is executed to perfection.

We are familiar with every single trick to avoid unwanted suprises and are always ready to react in a timely way to prevert anythingwhatsoever going wrong.
Your task is to radiate happiness and love as this is the most important and beautifull thing that your guests will remember and live us to take care of any worries with regard to the planning and implementation of the events as we’ve been doing it for the last 25 years.