Winter wedding, why not?

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Spring awakes positive emotions in us. Nature wakes up and we wake up with her. That’s why we usually choose that time of year for a wedding. Like summer, which causes joy and relaxation in us. Scientists would surely say that it is conected with the sun. Yes, the Sun is a natural reflector that illuminates your happiness.

But the magical light of a winter sunny morning has some special magic, as well as the twinkling of countless lights that illuminate our streets when night falls.

Winter wedding, why not?

Silver glare at this time of year can be a wonderful inspiration for winter weddings with lots of style and beauty. It will help you create a romantic environment. Imagine a wedding ceremony with dim lighting and candles on the inside and fairy lights outside. Magical atmosphere, right?

All those berries, evergreen floral wreaths, the warm structure of brown cones, velvety bows, the smell of pine, gold balls, flickering sparkles, fire in the fireplace will make the scene lit with warmth and joy. Not to mention a large selection of colors from red, gold to green or hazy pastels, white, winter blue to silver.

Create your own winter magic.

Guests will remember it, it will stand out from all the others held in the spring or summer. It is most beautiful for us to see your happy faces on one of the most important days for you. Let’s wait for them and we’ll laugh together again.

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