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A fairytale boutique hotel, located on the green slopes of Učka mountain, gives an impression of being somewhere in the highs of Alps, but when your view slides from the top of the ridge down to the blue open sea and the pebble shore of Medveja, you are in your own fairy tale. This special view and position between the sky and the sea is breathtaking, and the scents of the forest and medicinal herbs fill up the soul.

That’s why Lori and Peter chose this place for their ceremony. The wedding ceremony took place on the terrace with a beautiful view on the whole Kvarner Bay, Istria and nearby islands. The same terrace enables the guests to enjoy breathing in a fresh air of the mountain that is divided from the sea just at a glance.

Dinner was served in the restaurant next to the terrace still not parting from the view, but enjoying the interior specially decorated for their wedding.

While night was falling on the wooded and fragrant slopes, they enjoyed music and dancing late behind beautiful summer night’s time.

Photos by: Studio Kontuš

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