Wedding – Vienna in Opatija

Decorations | Hotel Imperial

The first trip of Ivana and Ozren to the capital of Austria enchanted them so much that they wanted to convey this idyllic atmosphere to their wedding day. They decided to have that beautiful city for their wedding theme. The golden hall of the Hotel Imperial was a great choice with which they could easily evoke Imperial Vienna.

We took care of the luxurious decoration of the hall! The bridal table was truly worthy of a real imperial table full of flower arrangements in gold and crystal vases and crystal candlesticks. In order to enhance the impression of luxury, we used mirrors with baroque gold frames as a base for rich floral decorations and crystal candlesticks. The tables of the guests bore names, framed in golden baroque frames of the streets, castles and other sights of Vienna. All of this blended beautifully with the gold stucco and crystal chandeliers of this beautiful hall. As it usually happens in nice stories, the same day a traditional Vienna Ball was settled in the Crystal Hall of Hotel Kvarner. Since we have been participating for years in setting the same that Ball , we managed – together with the organizers – to agree upon paying a visit of the Mayor of Vienna right to the newlyweds. It has been a great surprise for everyone presented there, but also for the newlyweds. He congratulated them and presented them with gifts – the bride’s star-shaped hair ornament worn by Empress Sissi, and the groom’s cufflinks with notes. So the beautiful story beginning in Vienna thus came true in Opatija.

Photos by: Studio Kontuš

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