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Weddings with a theme are always special weddings. In fact, the best weddings are personal ones. They include things and preferences important to the newlyweds. Bride and bridegroom should go beyond the popular themes and come up with creative, almost whimsical, wedding themes that highlight their personality as a couple.

When choosing their theme, newlyweds must take some time to think about how they will want the wedding day to be remembered. Simply, it’s on them to decide what kind of story they want to tell their guests. In the end, newlyweds’s theme is going to represent their taste and incorporate elements that feel true to who they are.

The wine of love – Bottega wine , inspired Ines and Damir for their choice of wedding theme. Wine motifs were woven into all segments of the wedding, from invitations, decorations to the ceremony itself. The golden bottles of Bottega wine have been transformed into golden vases, creating such a beautiful harmony with white hydrangeas, fragrant eucalyptus and green olive twigs. We used the Bottega stopper for the place card next to the golden plates on the gala dinner table. Golden bottles of wine were decoratively used throughout the garden and terrace. Champagne was served to welcome guests on the large Bottega Wall.

Ines is a sommelier too, so she delighted us with a unique wine love ceremony.

Guests could enjoy this elixir of the Gods at every step. Ines and Damir made their wedding a special and emotional experience to remember.

Photos by: Studio Kontuš

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