Wedding on the beach

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Weddings on the beach are always special.

Xenia and Fedja’s wedding ceremony was held on the waterfront close to the moored yachts while their guests watched them from the shore.

The celebration itself was held on the hotel beach and was designed with carefully chosen details and a personal touch. The blue color was incorporated into everything from napkins, menus, services, vases and all other details and they fit perfectly into the white-green flowers on the tables, the flower wreaths on the umbrellas and the arrangements on the beach.

Guests enjoyed dinner on the seaside till the cutting cake instant. After dinner, somewhere about midnight, guests moved to the hall where they were able to participate party and to enjoy dancing the whole night through.

Xenia and Fedja gave them a great experience and a memory they will surely remember for a long time.

Photos by: by Sanja Tušek

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