Wedding on ship

Since the Adriatic coast is one of the most beautiful coasts it is really so desirable destination for special weddings. Therefore, it will not to be forgetten experience for newlyweds as well as for their guests to set on foot a wedding on the boat sailing the Adriatic Sea. Viewing the Adriatic coast from the sea, it is something that gives a special atmosphere’s share to your event. The suggestive landscape changes depending on whether the night or the day is in question. During a day, a picturesque bay, pebbly beaches and the reflection of gold in the sea are prevailing. At night, one enjoys the lights flicker in the distance and the velvety sky strewn with stars.

There are various types of boats at your disposal, depending on whether you decide the whole wedding ceremony to be on the boat, or to go for a sail just on the way out of church towards a restaurant, or to set sail with the guests prior to a wedding day or the day after. It’s on you to choose the most suitable boat according to your needs and preferences in order your event will be unique, romantic and unrepeatable.

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