Wedding dream of a summer night

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Beautiful Adriatic coast is an inspiration for the weddings to many couples from abroad. Opatija has attracted newlyweds even from America. Crista and Nick were amazed by the architectural beauty, lush centuries-old parks and especially rich cultural history of the place. The clear blue sea, mild climate, sun and a welcome breeze on a hot summer afternoon is the perfect combination for a wedding on the terrace.

Tell each other “Yes” on a quiet open air terrace, which rises like the bow of a ship, clouds above the sea or simply in the canopy of magnolias. Although you experience the terrace, it is a particularly intimate event.

Guests got the dinner down to the lower terrace, next to the sea shore, immersed by one side in a beautifully manicured park.

The glamorous look of the terrace was given by tall golden candlesticks on the tables of the guests, gorgeous flower bouquets in golden chalices, golden plates, a multitude of candles.

And during a nightfall, the special luxury of a beautiful summer evening was given by countless candles whose glow flickered beneath the velvety starry sky.

Photos by: Studio Kontuš

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