Two generations of newlyweds

When we organized the wedding many years ago, we never dreamed that the reunion with the newlyweds would be full of wonderful emotions. We met in slightly changed roles. We in the same role as wedding planners, but newlyweds in another, equally beautiful: happy parents at the wedding of their daughter Doris and her chosen one Patrik.

The wedding of Doris and Patrik was filled with beautiful emotions from the very beginning. The bright, sun-filled wedding ceremony took place in the picturesque garden of the Dida restaurant. The sun’s rays descended gently through the branched treetops, turning the green leaves into a magical play of light and shadow.

After the wedding ceremony, guests lingered in the garden and on the stone terrace overlooking the sea, sipping sparkling wine before going up to the terrace for a formal dinner.

On the terrace for the wedding dinner, the tables were long, rectangular, on which floral decorations in pastel tones stood out. Flowers in soft tones reflected the mood of the garden and the coming summer. A bow tied with a napkin in the color of the wedding and a delicate flower on a glass plate, flickering candles, a sky full of stars and an atmosphere filled with love, a happy day that remains in memory.

And us?! Could there be more pleasure when a bride tells you that her wedding was just as perfect as her daughter’s wedding today. The biggest compliment! Is there any greater incentive and satisfaction when you can make people happy like that!

Photos by: Dario Marลกaniฤ‡

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