Trsatska Gradina

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The hill-fortress-castle of Trsat (Trsatska Gradina) just outside the very centre of Rijeka is historical monument, pilgrimage site and recreation area all at once. Perched high on a hill overlooking all of the City of Rijeka, this 13th-century hill-fortress enjoys a crucial position. Visitors may enjoy the sweeping views of the Kvarner Bay from the top of this hill as well as from its stony fortress castle. Not too far from fortress-castle, you come across The Church of Our Lady of Trsat and The Franciscan Monastery forming part of it. Both of them are the most important pilgrimage sites in Croatia and very valuable cultural centre that attracts visitors from around the world. Trsatska Gradina is a favorite place for summer weddings for all those who want to treat their guests to a special magic. The civil wedding is being arranged at one of the interesting locations of hill-fortress-castle of Trsatska Gradina and /or an ecclesiastical wedding in the nearby prestigious sanctuary of Trsat.

The wedding can be organized for up to 140 guests and we believe everyone will enjoy a starry night over the illuminated city and the moonlit Kvarner Bay.

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