Small weddings are like poetry for eyes and soul

The speciality of these weddings is the exceptional intimacy with the guests with whom the newlyweds want to share the most intimate moment of their lives. At such weddings they dedicate a large part of their time to conversations and memories that connect them and turn the ceremony into unforgettable moments.

They are often organized as daytime weddings and do not last long into the night, but with lots of socializing, fun and laughter. The advantage of these weddings is that they are easy to organize outdoors, on terraces by the sea and gardens.

Just some of the most beautiful weddings we did in romantic villas and restaurants were small weddings. Whether you want a glamorous wedding with sumptuous floral arrangements or an elegant one with beautifully intricate floral decorations, they are always personalized and show off your style and personality. Guests at such weddings recognize in every detail the influence of the newlyweds in creating their wedding and appreciate and enjoy it.

Carefully selected dishes and the way of serving food as a slow food presentationwill delight the newlyweds and their guests and will turn dinner into a gastronomic pleasure. The wedding ceremony will take place very lightly and spontaneously with a handful of flavors and aromas. This way of serving allows for more conversations between sequences as opposed to classic wedding dinners. Small weddings usually do not have the usual protocol, and everything of course depends on the wishes of the newlyweds. Most newlyweds will want something traditional, like cutting a cake or the first dance.

They can be organized with live music or dj, and the most intimate with ambient music from piano, saxophone or acoustic guitar. For a smaller number of guests it is easier to choose music that everyone will like and it is very likely that the musical taste of the newlyweds is the same as their guests.

Some things are needed for both large and small weddings, but ultimately for small weddings you will spend less money.

Although it seems that planning small weddings is not demanding but they also have their pitfalls and bring stressful situations. With the experience we have, we will be happy to help you prepare everything and the wedding day will go as you wanted. We will design with you every moment from the very beginning of your ceremony and delight you and your guests.

30 years of experience are the greatest guarantee of our knowledge. Every wedding is different and always has some special note, whether small or large. And we are here to realize your ideas and wishes in the most beautiful way and give the whole story its own originality and soul.

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