Retro wedding in Opatija

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The extraordinary history of Opatija is often the reason that inspires newlyweds to choose this town for their wedding. Its fragrant parks and beautiful architecture take them back to its glorious days, to a time when it was a fashionable destination visited by European queens and kings, high aristocracy, poets, artists, intellectuals and all those who wanted to be at the center of events.

Maja and Igor, inspired by Opatija, prepared a retro wedding for their guests in the spirit of Opatija’s first decades of the 20th century. A walk through the narrow streets, pictures in the gardens of the villas, a cocktail party and a ceremony in the square with a beautifully designed park and a timeless view of the harbor were a wonderful introduction to an evening of fun and dancing. Crystal candlesticks, a play of lights and candles, beautiful retro bouquets in gold vases provided a sense of comfort. And the guests were especially entertained at photocorner we designed in scenography of the Opatija beach in a retro style.

Photos by: One day studio

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