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Thessalian king Pelias sent a group of brave people led by a hero Jason to Colchis, to steal golden fleece. Heroes sailed away on Argo ship. In Colchis, Jason fell in love with Medea, daughter of the Colchis king who, by loving him back, helped him to steel the golden fleece protected by a fearsome dragon. After managed to get the spoil, Argonauts escaped on their ship. When they discovered the robbery, Colchis inhabitants have organized a pursuit along Danube to Sava, and then to the south by all the way to Istria.
There Colchis inhabitants have run on them but Thessalian Argonauts led by Jason have heroically fought and managed to defeat them.
After the battle, Medea, Jason and Argonauts landed on a pebble beach to rest for a while and have, unknowing, named that place Medveja.
As a memory to a sorceress Medea until today is preserved a magical beach.

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