Isadora Duncan, the famous American ballerina came to Europe, the centre of European culture, more precisely in Paris, then to Berlin and Vienna and then to Budapest. Her whole life was laid between love and art. After another unhappy love she decided to return to the stage and glitter with a new shine. Just then, at the height of her fame and in the flower of youth, she came to Opatija, then a gathering place of European gentlefolks and stayed in Villa Amalia.
With her beauty and particularly her freer manner, she attracted the attention both on Opatija’s promenade and Opatija’s beach. But she also caused a scandal. She was completely free hanging out with Archduke Ludwig Viktor, brother of the Austrian emperor.
Isadora was thrilled with Opatija. For the first time, she saw a palm under her window, shaking in the breeze. She was looking at it and admiring the delicate trembling of its sheets. Then took from the palm that gentle tremble and incorporate it in her dance. So, thanks to Isadora and her gentle tremble of hands, shoulders and fingers in the history of ballet was incorporated the divine dance of Opatija’s palm trees.

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