7 Seas by Matija Bogdan

The island of Krk is truly one of the jewels of the Adriatic. Known for its diverse offer that attracts visitors from different parts of the world, it offers beautiful nature trails and long promenades, it can boast of numerous beautiful beaches, hidden coves and crystal clear sea. The nickname “Golden Island” is due to the excellent quality of autochthonous wines produced by local winemakers. Krk offers an excellent local gastronomic offer that includes fresh seafood, traditional dishes prepared from local ingredients and local specialties.

The 7 Seas restaurant is located right on the seashore, offering an extremely attractive view of the sea and the entire bay.

The spacious, bright hall of the restaurant has glazed walls that open onto the terrace, creating a connection between indoor and outdoor space. The modern hall attracts not only with its location, but also with a superb gastronomic experience, which is the result of the hands of top chef Matija Bogdan.

The terrace of the restaurant lies above the sea, divided by an old stone wall that creates a special atmosphere and provides two different environments.

The first part of the terrace, which ends with a jetty, is ideal for gathering before the wedding and for the wedding ceremony.

The second part of the terrace is a continuation of the hall for the wedding dinner, and is an idyllic setting for a party under the stars, with the sound of sea waves in the background.

Each part of the terrace offers a unique experience, making Restaurant 7 Seas by Matija Bogdan not only a perfect location for weddings, but also a place where every sunset brings an enchanting experience for all visitors.

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