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The oasis of genuine hedonism – Ikador Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa is situated amidst picturesque Riviera of Opatija.

. It is the internationally acknowledged architectural studio Artelior that deserved well of setting hotel in order. It is placed inside the park of five thousands square meters in proportions. The hotel is connected with private beach via subterranean tunnel going underneath the Lungomare promenade. It also makes moor feasible and it offers an exclusive private boat service.

The hotel’s interior arranged on elegant and sophistic way makes deep impression when the details chosen with attention and the intention to humor every hotel guest are in question.

Boutique Hotel Ikador has eight deluxe rooms and six exclusive suits, that is the capacity of 42 persons in total. Besides, Hotel Ikador stands out for the most luxury presidential flat of 280 square metres plus a terrace covering another 145 square metres.

This deluxe hotel comprises also the fine dining restaurant Nobilion and the elegant cigar bar Edgar. The Nobilion Restaurant offers an upscale setting and service while featuring unique menu options. As likely weding corner, The Edgar Bar is ideal for consorting the male part of invited guests while enjoying either the best part of whiskies or precious and noble long — living archive wines.

The hotel has a wedding organization possibility of receiving up to 50 guests. The same capacity is for Nobilion Restaurant.

The Restaurant’s managing chef, Mr. Željko Jovanović, is seamlessly pairing an exquisite array of carefully picked and closely assorted local foodstuffs and the finest wines to give rise to an outstanding adventure of the authentic Mediterranean. Nobilion Restaurant is not just a place of fine dining, it’s also a place of redefined indulgence for the modern hedonists.

Owing to the Riva Lounge Ikador Opatija , a partnership of Hotel Ikador and Riva Yachts firm, this location was joined as a fourth one in succession to the other of Riva Lounges and Privees venues in the world. So, Hotel Ikador has aligned itself to the world elite and highly exclusive destinations such as Monte Carlo, Venice and Mykonos.

Now, it has become an idyllic place where one can revel in the Riva legend and the unique style of the Riva Brand Experience. Various hotel contents as well as its terraces, the park and the beach are of a great potential for creating special and exclusive weddings and as such an opportunity, it has no equal in the Kvarner Bay Area.

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