Eudaimonia wedding on the Opatija Riviera

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A fairytale wedding on the Opatija Riviera with the love of wine ceremony

That Sunday, although it was raining the whole day through, Ines and Damir insisted for the wedding ceremony, as well as for the wedding dinner to be held outdoors, in a beautiful garden right next to the promenade, overlooking the mountains, islands and endless blue. The desire was obviously strong enough, since the raining stopped right due on time. And so it was able for the gazebo by the seaside to be arranged for the ceremony, the beautiful garden of the villa to welcome guests, as well as a festive dinner table set up on the terrace. The Mediterranean-style terrace and garden shone with floral decorations of white hydrangeas and eucalyptus, and golden tones were the leitmotif of the entire wedding.

The wedding ceremony was held in the shade of a garden gazebo overlooking the sea and was certainly the most special wedding ceremony. Wanting to make the wedding ceremony unique, emotional and different from anything seen so far, they designed the wine of love ceremony. With a very emotional and personalized speech by the person leading the ceremony, they jointly opened and drank wine from the same glass, symbolizing the unification of their souls into one, and then stored the 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon magnum bottle in a personalized wooden box, along with letters they wrote to each other and to letters written to them by their godparents. They sealed the box with a hammer and nails, promising to open the wine within seven years. It is usually said that the seventh year is fatal, so drinking that wine and reading the letters from the wedding day will remind them that their love is just like that wine – different by age, but on the other hand better, more complex, richer, deeper.

They wanted all the guests to sit at the same table, as a symbol of togetherness and connection. The five-course wedding dinner was paired with the appropriate wines, which Ines carefully chose for each dish, so the guests could experience an unforgettable gastronomic experience. The enjoyment of a top-quality dinner and fantastic wines was further emphasized by the musical background of the string quartet that performed Italian compositions from the 1960s and 1970s and the romantic performances of a famous singer Marko Tolja.

We are extremely happy for the fact they succeeded in their intention to have a unique and different dream wedding, and especially that their guests, endlessly enjoyed every moment of this Mediterranean fairy tale with a wine note. We believe that their wedding and the love of wine ceremony will inspire many other newlyweds who want to tell their love story in a special way.

Photos by: La Vie

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