Elopement weddings

Elopement weddings are ideal for couples who want to escape from the traditional customs and obligations that are an integral part of classic weddings. They can be organized as a civil one, in which case all legal obligations for arranging the ceremony and preparation of documents are required, or as a symbolic, unique one, with the taking of vows or the preparation of special wedding ceremonies. They have one thing in common – finding the right wedding planner, decorator and photographer.

The emphasis of these weddings is on the act of the ceremony itself, and everything that classic weddings have, large gatherings, going to a restaurant, dancing, the act of cutting the cake and the usual protocol parts of a wedding, is avoided.

The ceremony itself includes the newlyweds, best men, registrar or master of ceremonies, photographer, organizer and possibly a very, very small circle of family and friends.

Elopement weddings are ideal for couples who do not like to be in the center of attention and want an unforgettable wedding without large financial expenses and organizational stress. They are truly special because they are organized in unimaginable and newlywed’s favorite places-locations.

Beautiful photos of the newlyweds recorded with seascapes, beaches, lighthouses, forest meadows, mountain clearings, castles and chapels are full of feelings of love, emotions, commitment, good atmosphere and unforgettable aesthetics.

Although with less protocol, there is just as much enjoyment in choosing wedding clothes and rings as well as the entire styling and choosing a magical place for weddings.

We at Noi due, as planners, offer:

  • suggestions of beautiful intimate locations
  • preparation of documents and application to the registry office
  • photographers and videographers
  • wedding bouquet
  • arrangement of the ceremony site
  • music
  • beauty service (make-up and hairstyle)
  • coordination of the ceremony

Choose everything you would like and we will be happy to put together a package tailored to your needs!

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