Entrusting the organisation of your wedding to a trusted organiser and coordinator means that your plan, protocol and timetable will be implemented exactly in the way you wanted. Our role is to professionally organise and coordinate the event, making your most beautiful day easier and more memorable.

To be honest, a wedding planner does not know anything more that the newlyweds themselves or something that can’t be found on Internet. All of us, as well as our newlyweds, find wedding inspiration on the same portals, blogs, Pinterest and other places. What a planner does have, however, is years of experience in organisation and coordination, having experienced omissions and successes, great stories and found a solution to every challenge.

There are countless possibilities and the incredible secrets and ideas are just part of the wedding planner's knowledge. What is most important is how to find and create a perfect relationship with the best performers and partners and together, create a flawless wedding. Years of experience, nurtured relationships, hours and hours of sleepless nights, magnificent and beautiful weddings have brought countless tears of joy and pride ... these are the facts that cannot be found on Pinterest.

We will take care, as well as providing you with useful information, to you save both time and money and to make you feel like guests at your own wedding. We will draw up a protocol and create a schedule of the wedding and coordinate and implement it on your special way. Thanks to the perfectly coordinated work of all contractors and service providers, we will make sure that every conceivable detail is executed to perfection. We are familiar with every single trick to avoid unwanted surprises and stress and are always ready to react in a timely way to prevent anything whatsoever going wrong.

Your task is to radiate happiness and love as this is the most important and beautiful thing that your guests will remember and leave us to take care of any worries with regard to the planning and implementation of the event as we've been doing it for the last 25 years.


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