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The first look at Belaj Castle, surrounded by green vineyards, located in the hilly green landscape of Istria, will leave you breathless. This country castle from the 16th century, in the middle of the vineyard, will give you a picturesque image that you can compare to the idyllic landscapes of Tuscany.

The beautiful baroque castle building stands out in the middle, and to its left is the historic wine cellar. The art of wine production lasts for 5 centuries, and it’s old as the castle. Thus we have a unique continuity, an unbreakable link between the castle and wine production. Gold and silver medals from various competitions speak about the quality of their wines.

Above the wine cellar is a hall where gala dinners, weddings and events are held. The beautiful stone hall with all the features of the castle can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Around the castle there are green areas, surrounded by olive trees, vineyards and orchards where, also, outdoor weddings, gala dinners, gathering of guests or wedding ceremonies can be held. The castle provides countless, hidden places such as the atrium, for a variety of outdoor wedding facilities that you can arrange for your guests.

In the western part of the castle there is a restaurant whose philosophy is from the field to the table, so you can taste fine local cuisine in a modern design.

A wedding in Istria in a castle is an unforgettable event and will remain in your memory as something unreal, fairytale-like, just as the wedding in castle should be. You will surely want to come back, at least for a glass of good wine and a wonderful view.

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