Belaj Castle – a romantic place for a wedding

Belaj Castle, a romantic place for a wedding, became the scene of a carefully planned event. Ylenia and Aleksandar prepared their wedding so carefully, down to the smallest details, that I enjoyed being with them. The plan was to gather the guests by the old well, the ceremony in the meadow next to the castle, enjoying delicacies in the shade of olive trees and the sunny meadow, with a view of the vineyards, all casual and relaxed, and then the finale, the wedding dinner and party in the old stone building.

But the weather could not be influenced. The rain that fell all morning forced us to plan “B”. The atrium of the castle became a new location for the gathering of guests, but also for the ceremony. The vaults of the atrium protected the place for ceremony, decoration, as well as delicious food. All of us who worked on the preparations were wet, but we didn’t care, we wanted it to stop.

When everything was finished, when the first guests arrived, and then the newlyweds, the sky smiled, the rain stopped. Everything looked just as they had planned it. The old chapel and the stone room with the oil mill have been transformed into a fantastic place to hang out.

Dinner was served according to plan, in the hall of the Belaj Castle, illuminated by dimmed lights and hundreds of candles that cast a romantic light on the floral decorations. Windows decorated with green garlands and flickering candles, a sweet table rich in cakes, traditional confetti – delicious candies, a moment to remember immortalized in a photo corner, a children’s corner with cheerful content, everyone could find their own piece of romance.

Ylenia and Aleksandar, a happy couple for whom even the rain could not spoil their day. A simple formula is in – beautiful moments, with dear people, in love and positivity. The rain could continue to fall as long as it wanted, but the fun, music, dancing and joy lasted until the morning.

This story trully emphasizes the importance of love, happiness and togetherness in creating an unforgettable wedding.

Photos by: Luce Divina weddings

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