Opatija ballrooms for weddings are rich with elegance and sumptuous beauty. More than a century ago, imperial and royal dignitaries and gentlemen from all over Europe led their ladies onto the dance floor in ball gowns. Even today, the romantic spirit can be found in every single corner, hiding its story. Experience your story as well, as there is nothing more beautiful and solemn then starting your first steps together in these beautiful halls under the crystal chandeliers


This impressive building was the first hotel to be built in Opatija back in 1884. It is the greatest pearl in the string of Opatija hotels. Although it is the oldest hotel on the eastern coast of the Adriatic, time hasn’t harmed it at all. In its beginnings it was a luxurious meeting place for the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy and even today it is the most beautiful symbol of Opatija. The dawn of the monarchy is felt in the largest ballroom called the Crystal Hall, bathed with the shining splendour of glittering crystal chandeliers and mirrors. Many will be attracted to the outdoor terrace on which Ivo Robić performed for years and on which even now a careful ear can hear his velvety voice whispering "Oh, hear that serenade, you fabulous Opatija…” A bust to Mister Morgen, as he was called in his golden era, can be found by the outdoor swimming pool which can be included in a combination of more demanding wedding ceremonies.


Following the construction of the Hotel Kvarner, a need arose to construct another hotel so just a year later, in 1885, in accordance with the plans of Viennese architect, Franz Wilhelm, the hotel Kronprinzessin Stephanie was built, named after the wife of the exorcist, Rudolf Habsburg. The imperial family attended the ceremonial opening whilst this Opatija architectural beauty provided guests with all the luxury. So it is not surprising that this hotel was chosen by many crowned heads as their holiday destination, among which we can also find the emperor Franz Joseph himself and numerous prominent figures such as writer James Joyce. The beautiful Golden Hall perhaps emits the most breathtaking spirit of the past. From that period until today we can admire the well-preserved golden stucco work and richly painted walls. Once this luxurious hotel Stephanie was particularly favoured whilst its spacious corridors and wide marble stairs even today provide us with the pleasure of a time when crowned heads slid across its dance floors. This Art Nouveau beauty is only reserved for royal weddings.


This glamorous wedding hall is more beautiful than you can even imagine. It is newly opened and magnificent in every sense of the word with a large dance floor. An exclusive space in which the light of thousands of crystals from eighteen unbelievably beautiful crystal chandeliers reflects. In the very moment when you step inside, you will feel like you have stepped into another world. Situated alongside the crystal blue sea where just a glass wall and a terrace with palm trees separates you, this hall is ideal for larger weddings but can also be customised for a much smaller number of guests. The Royal Hall will provide you with the luxury you deserve on the most beautiful day of your life.

Our offer’s name for these facilities is called:
Princess Stephany


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