An outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings have been wishes of the newlyweds lately. When the warmer days arrive, many newlyweds imagine their wedding in the atmosphere surrounded by the greenery of the Mediterranean parks, under the starry sky with the sound of the sea and the breath of refreshing breeze.

Planning a wedding is a great joy, but also a commitment, and the outdoor wedding needs extra engagement. Everybody wants their wedding to be unique, original and immaculately organized so wedding planners are most often used for this type of wedding.

The best outdoor weddings take place in villas, palaces or terraces by the sea. These are beautiful places for special weddings, dream weddings. With its architecture and decoration combined with magnificent flower decoration, with dimmed lights and lots of candles the atmosphere will be magical. Fortunately, this dream – a summernight dream is not unattainable.

In order for the wedding to be pleasant, and the newlyweds relaxed, in planning the outdoor wedding and choosing a location, we advise them to consider a few important things. One of the recommendation is to choose the location in which, if it is possible, they will be alone, so for example, the music would not bother other local people. If this is not possible, we recommend them to consider organizing an afternoon wedding that will last to midnight, which is becoming more popular because of the lifestyle.

For a successful wedding festivity and avoiding stress, it is important to think about the alternative in case of always possible bad weather, even in warm summer days. If there are not any alternatives you should definitely take a tent into consideration. You should also consider that a garden or surrounding space is big enough for putting up the tent. Today magnificent tents are put up here like the ones we watch in romantic films. Putting up these tents significantly raises the wedding expenses and this is the main reason why people give up on outdoor weddings. This should not discourage the newlyweds because the weddings can be organized by the pools or hotel terraces which is always an alternative in case of the bad weather.

It is also important to mention the beach weddings that we recommend for the weddings where most guests are young people who would not mind a drop of rain. Of course, there should also be a light awning or parasols.

The outdoor weddings are especially beautiful festivities. They are created from newlyweds´ wishes and daydreaming, and with good planner team cooperation they come true. Happy faces dancing their first dance under the starry sky, surrounded by the smell of pine trees and emotions of the present guests confirm that te dreams are possible.

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