An idyllic wedding in an ancient Istrian town

Each fairy tale has its own perfect scenery that will highlight the beauty of a special moment. It seems to me that Ana and Sebastian have found a magical recipe to make their wedding and weekend at Villa Lav unique and unforgettable. Carefully selected details, diverse content, relaxed atmosphere, great fun, all these made up their particular day even more special. It all started very romantically on a green meadow in front of a stone house, century-old trees providing shadow to all guests in the early summer afternoon. The magical town of Bale was a great backdrop for photography. A wedding was held in the romantic church in Bale, after which the guests returned to the villa on foot. Dinner was served on the terrace among the olive trees, near the swimming pool. They spiced up the party with a Vinum Amoris ceremony.

Photos by: Josipa Uzelac

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