A fairytale romantic wedding with an angels dance

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A fairytale romantic wedding with an angels dance. Destination weddings are always a great idea. They bring along enjoyment either to newlyweds and to their guests. Stefani and Diego chose Opatija to organize special events for their guests from all over the world. Their party were going on for three days.

For the first night, we designed a magical evening full of emotions. The theme, of course, was love. So everything was red in the sign of love. See post.

Next day, the wedding ceremony was held in the Church of St. Jacob, a magical church located near the hotel, right in the heart of beautiful Opatija’s park.

The gala dinner and party took place in the Crystal Hall of Hotel Kvarner, one of the symbols of this Adriatic beauty. The event continued till small night hours. The fabulously decorated hall bore a romantic atmosphere. Underneath the crystal chandeliers, countless candles flickered on the crystal candlesticks staying beneath them, that is on the tables of the guests. The flower balls of white hydrangeas and roses contributed to the lavish atmosphere of the fairytale evening. This fairy tale, as well as the highlight of the evening, was completed by the ballet point of beautiful white angels. They performed their magical dance on a cloud formed on the podium of the hall, and then, a little angel escorted the newlyweds to a beautiful big white cake whose sweet taste was enjoyed by all of the guests.

In the morning, when newlyweds and their guests woke up from this beautiful fairy tale, they took sailing boat to reach the island of Cres on a sunny summer day. There, they enjoyed swimming and sunbath as well as all the magic of island’s intact nature the whole day through.

Stefani and Diego maight rest assured their guests would take beautiful memories full of emotions to their distant homes.

Photos by: Studio Kontuš

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